Inward: Anise EP Launch


Anise’s live performances have been noted for her moving songwriting, ‘feathery’ and ‘misty’ vocals, and her quiet yet commanding stage presence, which draws the audience into a cocoon of nervous energy and beautiful brutality. She has performed at Baybeats 2015, Esplanade Cafe 21, Ignite! Festival, and 100+50 Bands Festival.

Listen to Inward here: anise.bandcamp.com/album/inward

For her EP Launch, Anise will be accompanied by Kim Eun Hyung (Kindakid), Daphne Tan, and mainstay collaborator Zhong Ren Koh (Plate) on stage. In the neutrality and quiet of a black box at the Arts House, Anise will perform for the first time in a space fit for her music — which comes out almost as a whisper.

“...we then had our hearts sunken by yet another seasoned singer-songwriter, Anise. Plenty of solo, acoustic-based musicians impress us with their voices, but none leave us as awestruck as this forlorn storyteller – possessing a timbre that strikes a Tori Amos-esque balance between fragility and depth.”—JUICE, 2015

Inward was produced by Victor Low (Affixen, formerly The Observatory) and released in November 2015. The EP also features Victor Low on electric guitar and glockenspiel, and Zhong Ren Koh on cello.


Born in Busan in South Korea, Kindakid is the moniker of violinist and singer-songwriter Kim Eun Hyung. A classically-trained musician, Eun Hyung became passionate about playing music in a contemporary context while kickstarting the alternative soul band The Good Life Project (GLP). Inspired by Kishi Bashi and Andrew Bird, she executes solo projects experimenting with loops and effects based on violin and voice.


Daphne Tan

Daphne Tan spends much time thinking, and when contemplation and prose could neither contain nor reconcile, she started writing songs. Daphne used to sing in an folk-experimental choir in Singapore. 'Where No One Is' is available on Noisetrade.

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Sun Dec 6, 2015
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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